Privacy Policy

This website makes no attempt to obtain any personal information about you. No attempt is made to harvest your email address and I will never send you unsolicited email.

In common with almost all websites, standard logfiles are kept on the server. These record basic details such as your IP address and which files were accessed when. This information is only used for statistical reporting and no attempt is made to link your surfing habits with your identity.

Cookies and "active content" are only used by this site for advertising purposes. You can disable these and still access all site functionality other than the adverts.

This site contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of these links I will be told that a purchase has taken place and receive a commission. I will not be told who has made that purchase.

Third party advertising networks might track your viewing of their ads across different sites. I have no control over this and do not receive any such information. If this concerns you then you might wish to consider turning off cookies.

In the unlikely event that I do ever obtain personal information about you (eg if you send me an email) then on no account will that information be shared with third parties.

To put it simply: I believe that where you go and what you do is your business and yours alone.

This website is maintained by Trevor Mendham. If you have any questions about this privacy policy you can email me at: webmaster@garlic-central.com

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