North Plains Garlic Festival(s)

20 Feb 2013

Some towns are lucky enough to have an annual garlic festival where the stinking rose is celebrated in all its forms.

Very few places are lucky enough to have two such events. North Plains, Oregon looks set to have this double pleasure in the summer of 2013.

North Plains has been the home of one garlic festival for some time. The North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival has been running for 15 years using the slogan "fun stinks". As the name of the festival suggests, it focuses on the larger, milder allium known as elephant garlic.

This year has seen a despite between two different groups, each of whom want to run the festival. The result is that this summer there will be two festivals, probably just a few weeks apart. One will be called the Elephant Garlic Festival, the other will have the rather less snappy title of Summer Fest and Garlic Out West. One will be in the city proper, the other just outside.

Some people are worried that having two garlic festivals so close to each other on similar dates could dilute possible attendance figures. Speaking for myself, if I lived in North Plains I'd happily go to both

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