Some people have contacted me to say that they have trouble understanding the recipes on this site. Sorry.

I'm based in the UK and all my recipes therefore use UK ingredients and measurements. For example, we usually say "coriander" instead of "cilantro", "aubergine" instead of "eggplant", etc. Some ingredients are even more problematic - e.g. we have "single" and "double" cream which aren't quite the same as "light" and "heavy".

Quantities are also measured differently. We tend to use weight rather than volume - we just don't use cups or sticks. Unfortunately there's no simple conversion between the two.

My policy is only to publish recipes that I've made and enjoyed myself, usually after much experimenting. Therefore I don't want to risk guessing at conversions or using someone else's figures.

I hope that isn't too disappointing. Remember that experimenting is half the fun of cooking. Use what I've written here as inspiration - recipes are only a starting point!