Garlic Health Benefits


This page summarises the major possible health benefits often attributed to garlic. Some of these have been scientifically demonstrated, others have not and remain officially in the realm of folk medicine. Obviously the efficacy or otherwise of any of these will depend upon individual circumstances.

Remember that although garlic is potentially beneficial for some people it is also very strong. Some people are intolerant of or even actively allergic to it.

  • Always consult your doctor regarding any health or medical matter

  • The medicinal properties and benefits of garlic are strongest when it is raw and crushed or very finely chopped

  • Don't overdo it - too much can irritate the digestive tract

  • Raw, crushed garlic is an anti-fungal, however it can produce skin blistering

  • Raw, crushed garlic is a powerful antibiotic (1)

  • Cooked prepared garlic is less powerful but still reputedly of benefit to the cardiovascular system

  • Garlic cloves cooked whole have very little medicinal value however their milder taste makes them more acceptable to some people

  • There have been claims that garlic can help with cholesterol management however the research is inconclusive

  • If buying garlic pills, check the ingredients

  • Garlic should be seen a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, not an alternative to one

  • Be aware of the possible problems with garlic

Personally I eat garlic because I like the taste; any potential health benefits are simply a bonus!